Blog Eight

During week ten my learning community and I had to incorporate the use of a tree within the industry and manufacturing it into a garment. We broke up the discussion and our views of what we could add to create a solution for the problem. Such as “…trunk and bark of the tree. Like the roots, the trunk of the tree stabilizes and gives strength while the bark is formed to protect the tree from outside harm. Our buildings could be made from a self-healing material or a material that keeps us from using energy to heat and cool the building.” Suggested from my group member Paige Mays. I suggested based on the knowledge I received from the Ted talks, that bamboo is a reliable source for material and building objects and replacing the use of resulting towards using any part of a tree. The LOLA show for the learning communities 4,5, and 6 presentation slide show all reflected on cradle to cradle and Biophilic. The one of presentation talked about cleaning the ocean one carpet tile at a time regarding biophilic. The ocean is full of fishnets and harmful things, that kills the ocean fishes. A solution that stood out and could be a growing impact as time progress. The interface is the world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer in which are leaders in the industry for sustainability. The company that breaks down the fishnet material and turns it into a biodegradable useful product is known as Aquafil. The company has a great focus on fishing nets globally when trying to close the loop. The Aquafil company leads in Italy and has a slogan known as “can’t have green without blue”.
The most interesting presentation was the G-diaper. The G-diaper which are biodegradable and compostable diapers which help cut down the overuse of making the material for the diaper companies. The diapers are an interesting combination of pants and have inserts in which can be flushed and can be composted if they are only wet diapers. The G-diapers are known to be certified as a cradle – to – cradle. When revising other products there are only a few products that are truly certified reflects on the awareness that people have so little of or even a concern for the issue at hand with the economy. I learned about the companies that are taking part in closing the loops and bring awareness to their competition to do the same. The importance of cradle – to-cradle and the two- year re- certification is a handy deal between companies that are wanting better. The aspect of wanting better for the earth is one thing when it’s just a personal problem, but when it becomes a worldwide problem it’s more effective towards the earth and ozone.

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