My Sustainable Journey

On my sustainable journey me and my learning communities went ahead and did an outdoor activity. What I learned from the different activities was to experience nature and build on the concepts of Biomimicry and Industrial Ecology. Which we incorporate these activities onto our fields of apparel designs.

Watching students presents there LOLA show excites me because I love to hear different ideas from each students. In learning community four. One of the girl topic was biophilia the problem of pollution and she talked about how ocean can be inspired to make net effect. Such as the companies Interface and Aurtifil are big on using recycle products turning it into a loop closing for the ocean. Another talk was talking about biophilia and sustainability that include nature in the environment. Which for example put biophilia in space, of space, and analogues into interiors design. In learning community six, one of the talks are about how biophillic designs are important to the retailers because its benefit are stress reduction, cognitive performance, and emotional or etc. An example of a store are Nike because they are sustainable by collecting plastic water bottles and create it into a pair of shoes.

What stood out to me the most was learning community five which talked about biophilia in retail of the company Lochristi Fashion in Belgium and Innisfree Skincare. The reason why this stood out to me the most was because I like how Innisfree Skincare uses natural products and also would like to visit there for the visual connection with nature. The company Lochristi Fashion in Belgium is the same as Innisfree Skincare but they are different by using their products ecofriendly which they stay green for their biophilia designs.

C2C to me is by designing a safe and enrich ecosystems or nature biological. Not only efficient but waste free. Biophilia to me is a sustainable designs that uses strong attraction for or emotional attachment to the living world. What I learned from the LOLA show was that biophilia and cradle to cradle can make a big change in retailer industry or stores. The reason why is because being one with nature can dive into the six senses and can bring us people in a better environment.

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