Blog 9

From the probes assignment I learned that just about everything you do says what kind of person you are and the things you value. Everything that you do relates to what kind of lifestyle you live and the kinds of thing you like. You can learn a lot about a person by observing the things they do. During the in class activity we were given another students probes package form two days where we were to design something for them based of the things they did those two days. My group camp up with a concert bag for another classmate because she showed interest in going out enjoying concerts during her spare time. Once we were done we showed our design to that person and she actually really like it, our design was right on target. Her probes package told us that she like to have a good time, eat good food, and listen to a variety of music. It was interesting to see how much our design actually fit her lifestyle choices from just looking at the things she did for two days.

In the in-class activity my learning community got the task of designing something for the doing category. Doing is the actual action step in human needs. We designed a jacket with speakers to play music out for the leisure section. This includes the doing/action category for human needs, a reminder to relax and unwind while listening to music. The UK’s social value act places a duty on public bodies to consider social value ahead of a procurement. I think that this act is needed to protect people and for public authorities to have regard to economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with public services contracts. I really liked the concept behind the little brown dress allowing the dress to not only go through, but grow through her journey of life with her. I admired how she viewed the changes in the dress as adding character, similar to the changes she has undergone over the years. The Ikea flat pack modular design is very creative and interesting. I think the concept is great, it’s simple and sustainable, I really liked the interior design of the pictures of the house they look very modern. The Threadless t-shirt concepts is very innovative, designing things that have more meaning by understanding human needs. I think that poor working conditions globally is awful, and people are not being paid enough to slave for these billion dollar companies that could care less if the even have workers benefits or not. It’s unfortunate that people are treated this way and have to work in such poor conditions just to make ends meet for their families. Sadly, I don’t think it will stop any time soon because this has been happening for years now where big name companies source their products overseas in low-quality factories and underpay the workers. The labor cost of a t-shirt is very low, yet retailer are marking the prices up increasing high and taking all of the profit when wages should be increased. If is wasn’t for the people in the factories making those shirt then we wouldn’t even have them so why not increase wage for people, especially the ones in that industry. I found the “Who gives a crap” concept to be very interesting and comical. It can easily grab ones attention and get their message across. Human needs are very important and should be the underlying motive for any design.

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