The design probes package was a neat activity because it tracked two days of our choice. I used spring break for two of my days because I was on the beach and enjoyed tracking my meals and activities throughout the day. I learned from this assignment how tracking your daily meals can be beneficial for your health. The in-class activity was interesting because we got to see others packages and how they lived for two days.
We did an activity in-class on Wednesday and it was about putting a product into the chart that was given to us. I had the being part of human needs which means qualities, two things that go into being is buying and keeping are intensely personal and design to allow emotional connection to evolve. We also had a happiness biometer we filled out and rated each question. We also were shown about the IKEA flat pack house which was interesting, it cost less then 100,000 and is 53 feet long and 14 feet wide.

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