Blog 9

Last week’s class was about daily life and the happiness that is involved with it. The design probes package was all about taking someone’s day to day life and designing something that was better designed or designed to fit that person’s needs. This would help them with their day to day life and mainly make them forget about any problems they have. For my design probe, I have 4 general things I do almost daily. They are work at a daycare, going to classes at school, running or walking Boomer Lake, and studying for my classes. Almost anything I do can fall under that category, besides eating and sleeping which are basic human needs or tanning because it helps my skin clarity and makes me feel happy. The days I did my design probe were calm days for me. Thursdays are calm and mainly consist of working out, working, then doing lots of homework. Friday I was sick and skipped class and work to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, this made me look back on the amount of days I’ve been sick this semester and I realized this is way more of a common occurrence than I would like. My moods on both days morning to night were exhausted, sick, tired, over it, faking it to making it smile, and more just like those. I think I realized what I need before something better designed for me was to change my lifestyle. I wasn’t too happy that week or any week this semester really which goes with our happiness lecture on Wednesday.

I did the in class activity about doing: design a concept that will help humans satisfy needs through doing to promote positive behavioral change. We came up with an idea of like speed dating but instead calling it speed learning for yourself. This would have the same set up like speed dating but instead of asking questions to get to know the other, the questions will ask something to have the person answering learn something about themselves. Examples would be: where would you live and why? Everything aside. Or how would you get from where you are now as a person to where you want to be? Who do you want to be? There are so many and after a while it becomes a natural back and forth process. Having a natural flowing conversation while being honest with yourself to a complete judge free stranger, could develop answers that you weren’t quite sure about. This isn’t necessarily a designed object but more of a process or procedure. This process or procedure would help promoting positive behavioral change because once a person can see what they want and where they want to be, they can make steps to get there. Once you have those answers and are striving to where you want to be then a person will be overall more happy and keep choosing things that make them happy in more areas than one.

“Who gives a crap” was not only funny but took an ordinary product then edited it to make people and the environment happier. The little brown dress has to be my favorite because coming from a fashion background, I would never do this. Fashion is all about trend to me so learning that no one even noticed was very comical to me. I did like her idea of wearing the same garment and just incorporating other pieces into the look depending on weather. This can be related to the cost of a garment. If people dressed like she did then the overall production of mass produced clothing wouldn’t need to happen. That would change the cost of the clothing being produced and less labor would be needed so the overall happiness of those factory workers would go way down. They wouldn’t need to work as much, so they wouldn’t be paid as much resulting in lower living conditions and food consumption. Does this mean one person’s happiness is tied to another? Rich happier than the poor? One alteration of an input changes the output but in how much of a degree?

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