Blog 9

It was a challenge to try and remember to capture my activities for my own probes package. I would have to set little reminders for myself to take pictures of things and experiences. I enjoyed viewing the other classmates probes packages. It was neat to see what other students were experiencing and what they liked. I felt that my learning community did well on making an item for someone. We made an alarm clock coffee pot that plays music. Our client really enjoys music and coffee, so we decided to combine the two. The coffee pot also has a heating pad underneath the cup, that way if she hits snooze the coffee can still be warm.

The IKEA flat pack house isn’t a new concept. If you notice that several homes in the deep South have similar concepts. Older homes that are identical to this idea are called “shotgun houses”. They are just one long home that isn’t very wide, but still has all the same components a house needs. The designing for human needs is: having, doing, and being. Having is answering the question “What is sufficient?”. Doing is having things that help people to “fit in” and to be relatable to others. Being is designing to allow an emotional connection. Many costs go into making a tee shirt. A tee shirt cost incorporates materials, labor, and tariffs/quotas. Most people don’t realize how much work and effort went into an article of clothing. That’s why I have a greater respect for companies that provide fair wages and a safe environment for their employees. I try to shop at store that have a higher ethical code.

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