Blog 9

This week we went over our probes package. It was interesting to see all of the probes packages and learn about different students. It was fun to get to design for someone solely based on their day to day activities and their likes. I think that our LC did a great job designing something for our “customer.” We designed a really cool backpack that she could take anywhere with her, but especially to concerts! I think probes packages are a really great way to get a snapshot of someone’s life, but if I were to be designing for someone in reality, I would immediately follow up with an in person interview to gain some better insights into what exactly they want their product to be like. Sadly, I was not able to make it to class on Wednesday morning for the in class activity that was given. Looking at the slides, I found the IKEA flat pack house super interesting. It is an innovative idea. The Threadless t-shirt idea is genius to me. They design thinks based on what humans want and need, and I do think that this concept should be carried on through different companies. I have chosen a career path in fashion, which is an industry that is notorious for having poor working conditions. I know that many companies are beginning to try to become more sustainable, but I do not think enough are. I understand that is is such a hard thing to do, but revamping old methods is necessary to continue doing business. When seeing the breakdown of what the cost of a t-shirt truly is, it is mind blowing. The percentage of cost for labor is so low.

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