Blog 9

I really enjoyed working on the design probes for my classmates. I think it made it easier/more fun since I realized who’s probes package it was. The probes package was Summer’s and we are pretty good friends since we were in the same Learning Community for CPS. It was clear for me to see her lifestyle and her needs. My Learning Community designed a bag for Summer. She seemed to be always on the go and well-organized so the bag/purse we designed catered to those characteristics. The bag featured a quilted pattern on the outside and pouches/pockets for the essentials (phone, makeup, wallet, laptop, water bottle, etc.) on the inside. Overall, this activity was a lot of fun. Hopefully the probes package that we have to use for our final project is just as enjoyable to work on.

So the “having, being, or doing” activity confused me, and still confuses me. I don’t think I fully understood what was going on. I understand that “having” has to do with the things that shelter us, care for us,  and nurture us; it mainly has to do with the things that make us happy. I understand that “being” is about our bodies and its health on the inside and outside and the qualities that make and keep us happy. I understand that “doing”  is about the actions that keep and make us happy, such as working, helping, and remembering. The activity that went along with this section though confused me so I didn’t really know what to do.

The “Little Brown Dress Project” was done by a woman in Seattle that wanted to challenge consumerism. She made a brown dress and wore it everyday for a whole year {A WHOLE 365 DAYS}. I couldn’t even imagine wearing the same pair of pants for a whole week, much less the same dress for a whole year. I understand why she did it–consumerism is a major problem in America and should be challenged–but I get bored with my wardrobe every so often. That’s why I get a new shirt or new shoes, I need something to excite me. I find solace and comfort in buying something new and stylish. I do think this project is a good example for everyone though. We don’t have to take it to this extreme, but we should start to be conscious of how much we buy for no reason. I think this should just draw more attention to the idea of forming “capsule wardrobes”. A capsule wardrobe is wear you only have 25 items in your closet, but they all go together and mix-and-match well. I believe that this is a great solution to consumerism.

I found the IKEA flat pack house interesting. It reminds me of the houses that Sears, Roebuck & Company, sold in the early 1900s. They had simple house packages that you could buy that came with the plan and materials. Although IKEA’s flat pack house is probably more environmentally conscious and simple, both have similarities. I don’t think I would ever live in an IKEA house though. When I think of IKEA, I think of cheap and flimsy furniture so I don’t really want to live in a house that also gives me that perception.

“Who Gives a Crap” is an interesting toilet paper concept. I thought the video had good marketing. Through its humor and straight-forwardness it seems like it would appeal to millennials. I found it a little strange though. I think its a good concept, but what about convenience? I know that they donate half of their profits, but I can’t help but consider the convenience of ordering tissue paper to be shipped to your house. I think its way more convenient to go to the store to pick it up than wait on it to be delivered. What do you do when you run out of tissue paper and have to wait a few days on a new shipment?


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