Blog 9

This week in our learning communities we went through another person’s design package and designed something that we thought they would like based on their day to day activities. We decided to design a storefront for our customer because throughout her package she showed a lot of pictures of the beach/travel. So, our storefront had trees and beach sounds with clothing that is comfy and can be worn at the beach or just traveling around.

In the in-class activity we had the category of “having”. We came up with the concept of the women in Uganda making t-shirts and the proceeds could go to the ladies for their education.

I thought the “Who gives a crap” video was funny but also really neat because they are providing people with bathrooms. I didn’t know that there were 2.3 billion people without a proper access to a toilet. I’ve always just had one and never really thought about people not having one. That would be difficult but with this company they can spread the word and let people like myself know. The Little Brown Dress project was interesting and I do not think I could do it; I love fashion too much to wear the same article of clothing every day for a year. However, I find it neat that she was able to do it but I am curious to how often she washed the garment, was that wasting more water and energy to wash one garment, and did she wear different clothing to bed. I think the threadless online community is a neat idea and that would be cool if it really caught on. I hadn’t heard of it until class but voting on a design and then the top ones get to be produced.

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