Blog 9

Blog 9

It was interesting to get a little insight into someone’s life. I wish the design probes would have been put on a different week because it was right on spring break which, lead to not being able to see a typical day into someone’s life. It also seemed to be a little light on the amount that people did. However, I did enjoy being able to come up with a product that someone might like and use. We tried to come up with a product instead of just clothing that someone might wear like a lot of the other groups did. It was nice that our person really liked our product and could see herself using it.

The little brown dress I find interesting that a women would wear the same dress everyday to close the loop. While, I think that is an interesting path to take I think there is also a new waste that she is producing. The amount of water being used to continue to wash it repeatedly over and over in a week and all the soap that has to be used to wash the garment seems like a waste. Which, waste is considered lesser harm? The IKEA;s flat pack house seems like an interesting design concept. I like that it is longer and wider than most tiny homes. Unlike most tiny homes it seems like it allows for more people to customize it to what they want. I like the Threadless idea of putting up 1,000 designs for people to choose the ones they like and vote on them to be printed to be able to buy the product. To me this seems like a good idea for fast fashion that way people do not design something that people are not going to really like. Also, it helps with not having waste, because they print some and then if they run out the will do a reprint. The little amount that is paid in labor is outrageous. They spend more on fabric cost than the labor, but then have such a high amount of profits. I understand that profit is important and keeps the company running, but people deserve to be paid more to be able to survive.

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