Blog 9

During the Probes assignment, I got to learn a little bit about myself. I got to learn how to monitor my own progresses. To go deeper, I got to learn about how to learn about someone without even knowing who your learning about and being able to make assumptions whether right or wrong to try and help them. Being able to design something for someone you do not know, though, is kind of scary because you do not know exactly who they are without really getting to know them so everything you do for them could be the wrong way to go. Especially fro just two or three days. Another thing about the probes packages was that we did not even know who we were designing for until after and that made it even more interesting.

The activity based on having, being, or doing was very difficult. It is hard to create something to have people do something for  better behavior that has not already been thought of. My group and I sat and thought and eventually came up with possibly something that could help increase recycling and make it easier and more desirable to do, or even something that has to do with a volunteer garden of some sort. Also watching the video “who gives a crap” is very funny and a bit disturbing yet I understood the cause. The little brown dress was fascinating to me because you see everyone wanting to be fashion forward but to see a woman go against that and wear the same brown dress that is bland and not so fashion forward to test how people would treat her was very inspiring because it shows just how little people actually paid complete attention to her unless she was seen more than a day by the same person. Another thing that has caught my attention is the labor cost in T-Shirts compared to what price gets sold at. It is crazy how the low labor cost and bad conditions could actually be changed with little effect on the company profit. If the change were to happen, so many workers would be so much better off and the company would not even suffer a loss. This is something I could go on for for a while because I am passionate about sweatshops, but I will say that I very much believe that companies should take it more seriously because not only would they still be getting a profit out of it, they would have better workers, which usually would mean better outcomes from said workers.

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