Blog 9

Week 11 was a week where I was really able to learn more about myself as a person and designer. The design probes package was a very fun activity, where I was able to learn more about myself and analyze my day-to-day life. It was fun to see how I interacted and what was the favorite and best part of my day. I wasn’t able to do the in class activity because of a previous engagement, but I loved completing the probes package as a whole.

I also really enjoyed learning about products such as “who gives a crap” and “the little brow dress” because these people were passionate and motivated to help the environment, so they created products that would improve it. I thought IKEA’S flat pack modular designs were very interesting and innovated. I found myself wanting to learn more about them. Some other things I was very interested in were threadless and the UK’S social value act. The concepts were different and I loved learning about them because they changed my perspective in something’s. Poor working conditions is something I am very passionate about fixing. Anytime I put on a piece of clothing I think about who made it and where it came from. It hurts my heart to think someone suffered making it. Week 11 really opened my eyes to my sustainability passions and myself.


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