Blog 9(:

The past week we had to document our everyday lives for our design package and it was actually pretty cool after the fact because It was interesting to think out some of the cool things that could be designed for me or someone like me. It was also a way to learn a little more about myself and eventually even learning a little more about some classmates. Being in class just made it even more realistic because my learning community got to design an item based on the information we got from some ones package. It just made me realize how important and helpful it can be to know your customer and to be able to design in a way to make a lifestyle more efficient. My LC and I came up with a tote bag that had  slots for everything( keys, phone. makeup etc) because our person was a girl who was always on the go but liked to be organized.


The little brown dress done by a lady in Seattle was cool and interesting and really opened my eyes to a way to look a clothing however it is hard to imagine myself wearing the same thing every day for an entire year. IKEAS flat pack house I was fascinated by because it’s such a cool idea and a great way to save money and use less material. I found it even better because I recently experienced IKEA for the 1st time and I just think anything they do is amazing . The who gives a crap commercial was hilarious but also cool that they are trying to give restrooms to people who do not have access to a toilet because sometimes it easy to forget how blessed we are to have simple needs like that met.

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