Blog Nine

The probes package was the most interesting activity I enjoyed the different activities and pictures. I need to prepare a day to day of my life from morning, until night. The design probes package wasn’t only for a day to day observation but based on the information provided whether it was visual or verbal. It provided a source to create a special design for that particular person. The design that would be potentially created that helps the customer relieves any present/ future problems they face in their daily lives. For example, within my design probe package I provided my favorite foods, locations, and clothes. I also described what I put on during the day and if I changed more than once, I would also provide that picture of the full outfit. If not I would provide the day outfit and the night outfit. In knowing the information I’ve provided even based off my diary entry. I would’ve expected my design to revolve around a beachy setting and inquorate it into an outfit like a modern unique swimsuit. My days throughout the week are Monday – Thursday I don’t have class on Fridays, if I’m not booked with homework I usually leave Thursday and head to Tulsa and hang with family and friends. If I don’t have a lot of homework, then I use Friday – Sunday as homework weekend.

I’m mostly busy Monday through Wednesday it was honestly hard to remember to take a picture of my outfit each day. I normally just throw on something and go it’s rare when I take my time and put a decent outfit together. I’m usually a happy go person throughout the day my mood is pretty consist, it only changes if something has drastically affected something personal to me. The emoji’s I picked are content and happy or exhausting.” Who gives a crap” became an ordinary product which was edited for people making their environment happier. The little brown dress, excited me more than the other articles because she was coming from an apparel background and her solutions surround apparel designs. I liked her idea of wearing the same garment and just incorporating other pieces into the garment that can fit the moment depending on the weather conditions. The designer is relating her idea and innovation to help better the environment and helps the problem with overall production within the corporation. The many possibilities that could work with her idea is a far stretch.

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