Two days. I wrote down what I did, ate, saw, heard and smelt for two days. In class a group gets my probes package and designs a music alarm that starts my coffee with a cute cat cup to go with it. They nailed it! Its amazing that just two days of recording your everyday activities people can design something special to you. My learning community designed clothing and shoes for our probes package participant and she loved it and said its something that she would wear. Getting to know your customer and making something that is special to them creates an attachment to that object that makes the customer not want to get rid of the object. They might wear a shirt for 20 years because it has a deeper meaning. They might keep a bowl because their grandmother gave it to them and they always cooked with her. The customer might have just bought a bowl, but because it is sturdier than their other bowls they own they form an attachment to that bowl and always use it. Its amazing if you know your customer what an impact you can have on them when designing keeping them in mind.

In class my learning community talked about having. We talked about things that we have and use everyday that if we change something about the way it works can benefit others. We talked about toothbrushes, and how everyone uses one, if part of the money went to parts of the world that don’t get clean water everyday to help them by getting them clean water. Cars, we burn oil like its going out of style. Maybe it should go out of style. Solar cars, solar parking lots there are a lot of things we could do better to live a more sustainable life. Examples of people making a difference are “Who gives a crap” the company that creates toilet paper a bare necessity and turned their profits towards helping people who don’t have a sanitary way of relieving themselves.

As an apparel major I thought the little brown dress was insane. I don’t normally dress up, but wearing the same thing for a year would absolutely drive me nuts. I still can’t believe only one person noticed the whole year she did that. I notice clothing, that is one of the first things I notice about someone. My teachers have a certain style, they don’t wear the same thing every day, but they have the same style of clothing everyday in different colors. I can be a bit nosey as well, I like to know why a person has that style and why they dress the way they do. Last semester I asked my geography teacher how many blue shirts and tan pants he owned. At the time I didn’t realize that question could be rude, students laughed and he kind of grinned and told me that his favorite color is blue and he owns a lot of the same looking clothes because that’s what he likes and he said its his professional clothing. He asked if anyone else noticed his clothing options and nobody raised their hand. I brought up that story because he could have just had one blue button up and one pair of tan pants just like the little brown dress lady and nobody would have noticed except one person. This is a very good way to be sustainable, but it is not something I would attempt.




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