Ninth Blog Entry – DHM 4573

The design probes package really enabled me to look at certain aspects of my life in order to see what sensory aspects and every day activities made me happy. I always unconsciously surround myself with things that I enjoy, but previously I had a tendency to take those things for granted instead of stopping to appreciate the small things. Even more so, I really got to evaluate how I live my life from another point of view in comparison to others once we were able to do the in-class activity. This activity enabled us to take a look into other people’s lives in order to use these details to create a design with their lifestyle and personality in mind. It was interesting hearing about what each person did in their two-day package, as well as the different designs that each learning community came up with. One in particular that I really liked was the backpack specifically designed for the girl who liked to attend concerts. The backpack had everything that someone at a festival would need as well as speakers to play music out loud as well. I thought this was a great design and the owner of the probes package really liked it as well.

The next class period Human Needs were discussed. I really enjoyed the Little Brown Dress blog, where a woman uses the clothing that she already owns in order to create clothing in a 100% closed loops circle from her own closet. I loved the sound of this and thought about doing such a thing myself, but I simply don’t have the time to revamp my older clothes into new garments (though I wish I did). This is something I definitely wish that I could find the time for after college, when I have the time to sit down and make patterns for myself rather than school work. I loved the idea of slowing down the fashion movement in this way. I also liked how this could die in to the Max Need Matrix, where one could use their own resources in order to fulfil the different aspects of the matrix. This included areas such as Having (having clothing to cover your body that will then connect you to others), Doing (wearing clothing that you make to fit in), Being (Fulfilling the need for protection for your body), and Interacting (self-expression of making your own clothing to others).  These Max Needs are applicable to every area of design, and I really think these aspects will be useful when designing in the future.

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