The Sustainable Journey

My sustainable journey had yet still going on and had learned new things that can make me happy. First on the design probes assignment, I learned that there are many others ways to create certain design from a person point of view. Either it be empathetic designs or sustainable design. Also I learned that to me, creating a design for a person can be a way to build my own business. The in-class activity about being happy to me is an important matter life. The reason why is because without it I wouldn’t be here until today. Happiness can create happiness to other needs when it comes to making a design. By reading all of the D. Happiness Barometer it seems that I’m a happy person, better than looking at myself in the past. In the past of my life I was a sad person but not no more. The people around me, interactions with others and myself had change soo much that no matter how life is hard there is always a way to find happiness.

On the in-class activity about human needs, me and my learning communities relates to having by creating a design concepts that statistics needs via a new way of “having”, promoting rather than degrading social resilience. We come up with many ideas such as designing a car that has sunlight energy at the top of the car roof as its gasoline instead of wasting money on gas all the time. Also a garment that shows affection by having the client designing their own pattern making and make it their own.

Thoughts on “the little brown dress”, was an easier way to travel without bringing lots of items. This is a great idea for me since I’m always the one packing more stuff and end up buying more at the destination place, in which I would like to try it once in a life time. In the other hand, what I learned in Threadless was that there design on human needs is by having creation through skills, techniques, and work. Also doing participation through co-operating with others and interacting for understanding through social media community. Thoughts on the labor cost in the cost of a t-shirt is that the worker should have an increase on income because by thinking about all the work is pretty much a lot of T-shirts being design to manufacture it. I think that by doing that will create a big change in the industry. Since there are workers who are poor and couldn’t afford anything for their kids or enough money to buy food to eat, if this is the only job they can afford. This however, could relate human needs of increase rates to show happiness.

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