During class this week we talked a lot about empathic design and how it helps the older individuals. We talked about the aging in older adults and how it affects them personally whether it be hearing loss or some disability. We discussed how the older individual may struggle with getting dressed if they have arthritis or another type of disability. In our class activity, we came up with adaptive clothing ideas for individuals who have disabilities like arthritis. It was eye opening to see all the struggles older individuals go though and how empathic design can help them drastically.
We also had the design slam activity this week and my learning community had to design a store layout for Rihanna. She wanted it to be inspired by pop music and it was going to be a music store. My group brainstormed different ideas and we came up with a pastel color palette and feminine décor. We had some good ideas as to how it should be designed and our ideas came together nicely. We wanted to make her music store a place people would want to go and hangout, listen to music and grab coffee.

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