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For the discussion in our lecture over Empathic Design in older individuals we talked about personal experience with older people in our lives and their stories. It breaks my heart hearing about the struggles that other people’s grandparents are experiencing because my family means the world to me and I wish no one would be effected by aging. My personal story I shared was about my best friend’s grandma who broke her back not too long ago. Once I went over to my friend’s house to hang out and she warned me that we would have to help her grandma. She tried to do everything she could herself because she didn’t want us to have to help but we ended up having to help her with standing up, cooking, and moving from one room to the other. Also in our discussion we had to talk about the needs of older adults and basically needs can vary depending on the individual, but they need help with normal everyday things because when you get older your body gets weaker and other health problems arise. In my field of fashion, merchandising, I would focus on how a store could accommodate the elderly and make shopping enjoyable and easy.

Our problem for Design Slam II was about Mr. Paul Newman, an old man who has Parkinson’s disease, making it hard for him to work in his bakery and make his famous cookies. Our learning community wanted to come up with a solution that would be easy and cheap to install into his bakery without having to redo a lot of stuff. We came up with multiple solutions for Mr. Newman. We first thought of helping with his uncontrollable movements by designing a nonslip rubber mat to help keep bowls from knocking over when he is mixing ingredients together. The second design we came up with is an oven that when you open the oven door the shelf comes up to his waist that way when he is putting the cookies in and out of the oven he doesn’t burn himself. Also the oven will allow him to bend down less which will help with the balance and mobility problem Parkinson’s creates. Lastly, we thought it would be a good idea to add bars along the appliances and counters to give him extra stability around the kitchen when working. Two other group that stood out to me was Jack Sparrow and his inability to get dressed. It stood out to me because it was funny but also had really good solutions to his problems. The solution I liked the most was probably the shirt that it Velcro but it looks like hey are buttons so when people wear them you can not tell it’s a special shirt.

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