Blog 10

My first interaction with the Gert Suit was in Product Development class when we were doing research on older individual’s challenges/needs that we would incorporate into our Walmart product assortment. While wearing the Gert suit, I noticed that older individuals have a hard time with reaching, bending, sitting/standing, and mobility. Through putting on the glasses that demonstrated the different eye diseases older individuals face, I was able to see that lighting is crucial in order to see properly and efficiently. Through the Gert Suit Exercise, my learning community came up with these following design opportunities we face in the merchandising field:

  • Ensure comfortable seating in-store.
  • Purchasing/ sourcing clothes that are comfortable, incorporate timeless design attributes, and are easily accessible since older individuals still want to remain independent and fashionable.
  • Provide better lighting arrangements that address different older individual’s eyesight disabilities in order to see color accuracy and reading visibility.

Although I was not at the Design Slam II on Wednesday’s class, I was informed on the topic that my learning community presented on. With that being said, their presentation dealt with the creation of a store front for a 19-year-old blind individual. The store will incorporate a variety of textures, sounds, and smells to make the shopping experience stress for and more tactical.  They decided to design the store with wood variation floors, a morse code map for guidance, easy-simple clip on speaker (I’m guessing for questions), clothing displays with various textures as well, and braille tags.

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