Blog 10

Week 13 we talked more about empathic design. Specifically empathic design for older individuals and how we can design for physical issues that they might have. We also did a GERT suit activity. I wasn’t able to stay and complete the exercise however, I did get to try on a few of the different goggles that demonstrated how people with different vision impairments see things around them. The goggles showed me just how difficult and frustrating it would be to have vision impairment because you can hardly read anything. We also had some reading to do this week my reading assignment was about furniture placement in public spaces. In the article they talked about how designers need to learn more about the culture of people to know how to design for them. An example of this would be the game tables in Hong Kong that are outdoors creating an open space where individuals can place chess and be involved with conversation with others around them.

This week we also had Design Slam II. My learning community had to design of a man named Tom Hanks who is a 45 year old Design Housing and Merchandising Professor who worries about his family including his father who has cancer and his mother who just had a surgery and lastly his wife that is pregnant with their third child. He is also very busy with his work by teaching 4 classes and is involved with 3 research studies. To help Mr. Hanks keep in touch with his family and still be able to focus on his work, my learning community came up with the Technogreen Desk. The Technogreen Desk is a desk that has a pull out garden drawer to help him stay calm and relaxed by bringing nature into his work space. The desk is also equipped with three video screens at the top that are connected to his family members devices so that they can easily keep in touch with him if anything should be going wrong. The U.V. light that keep the plants alive in the desk can also double as the light for a light box to help with Mr. Hanks projects that he works on.

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