Blog 10

This week we talked a lot about empathic design , which is basically designing with the end user in mind. One of the main topics was designing for the elderly in order  to help accommodate them a lot better. The GERT  suit was brought in and we got to see how some of it works and experience different activities like an older person would.  It was interesting to think  how everyday activities like standing up. buttoning  a shirt or even lifting something can become harder with age


Design Slam II also happened  last week my LC8 had the challenge of designing a store layout for Rihanna , a young women who wants to open up a music store for teens 12-19 . My learning community came up with a color palette and modern furniture that will attract our target market and bring them in. We wanted to be able to incorporate music record because our target market has a liking for vintage things. We also added in a station for you to download the music you want to hear and then a coffee bar for somewhere to hang out and listen to music.

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