Blog 10

  • In week 13, we focused on empathic design with older individuals. After hearing about this in lecture, I have realized that empathic design is the best way to approach designing for consumers. This is because by steeping into the consumer’s shoes the producer can make a product that the consumer will most definitely value. When it comes to older individuals, they have a lot more health problems that need more consideration. These things may include arthritis, tremors and balance issues. By designing for these individual’s, you could improve their way of life and help them to be more independent.
  • During lecture, we looked at the GERT suit exercise. This suit helped us as students to understand the struggles that older individuals experience. This included balance issues and other impairments. By stepping in their shoes, it helped us to understand their daily struggles and how to cater to these needs.
  • Design Slam II
    • In the second design slam, my groups problem was with an individual that was color blind. In order to address this problem, my group came up with a solution that would help this individual see colors. We designed a product that would allow the user to be able to look at clothing and see the colors that people without the disorder can see. With this they also could have a personal stylist that could coordinate outfits that would require no thoughts from the consumer. My learning community and I brainstormed many ideas but this was the most innovative and obtainable concept.
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