My Sustainable Journey

My sustainable journey continued and what I learned so far is about designing an empathic design for older adults. When thinking about designing for older adults I have to think of their physical, sensory capabilities, and cognitive capabilities. Also the activities they do, the type of place, and being independent. An example of being in their shoe is the GERT Suit. What I learned about the GERT Suit is that it documents the experience of what being older is like. The challenges face when wearing the suit was having difficulties grabbing stuff on the floor which gives a higher risk on the back spine. However, when falling, the challenges face was trying to find ways to get up without falling again.

There is a reading that I read which is based on an empathic design called Consumer Choices: Selecting clothes for older people in your care. What I learned from this reading is when deciding to design clothes for older people is to think for their comfort zone, such as physical comfort, psychological comfort, and social comfort. Also choices about appearance, independence, and daily functioning. Another one is clothing choices for safety and the choice of cold or warm environments.

Our problem in design slam 2 was a 90 years old gentleman named Jack Sparrow that has trouble putting on his shirt, tying his shoe laces, and has arthritis that hurt his joints a lot. A solution that our learning community brainstorm is by developing ideas that can make it easier for him to dresses up in the morning. We created the use of Velcro for the buttons on the shirt instead of buttons. For the shoes we used the idea of slip on shoe so that he don’t have trouble tying his shoe all the time.

Two groups’ idea that stood out to me was learning community four and six. The reason why learning community four stood out to me was the Techno Green Desk design which had plants inside the drawer, video screen of the family, and on the desk it has a picture of mimicking the water that has relaxing music. For learning community six that stood out to me were designing a map for colorblindness first when people walk in and display of speakers for other to help their needs.

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