Blog 10

Blog 10
The class got a chance to use the gert suit last week, but I had already used the gert suit last semester in product development. The gert suit gives you an understanding of the everyday task that is harder for the elderly because of their physical issues. The glasses that showed the eye diseases hit me the most because I have really bad eyesight, its hard for me to see things and use my eyes, so I can only imagine how it feels to have bad eyesight because of an eye disease that can’t be cured. The class discussion and reading really focused on empathetic design and safety for the elderly. When I think of empathetic design for the elderly, the first thing I think to do is communicate and research. If companies took the time to speak to the elderly like we got a chance to do in class with the older man, I believe companies would have a better and more sympathetic outlook. Safety for the elderly’s clothing can help a older persons independence. Little things like Velcro instead of buttons or openings in the front so clothing wont go over their heads our a few safety measures clothing companies can take to make it safer for the elderly. Also making clothing like dresses that aren’t to long for wheelchairs and walkers are a few takeaways from the readings.
We also had Design Slam II and my community had to create a music store for the 23-year-old owner Rihanna. The store we created was for the ages 11-19, we gave the store a blogger/vlogger style to be current. We had soft, pastel colors and created seating and a coffee station so the store can be a safe hang out spot for the teenagers. My group and I worked really well on this one because we were once that age and can kind of relate to that target market. I enjoyed the store created for the 19-year-old that was color-blind. I liked the idea of having a map and a speaker so that they would always have a source to help without have to go find help in the store.

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