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In the beginning of this course I thought that sustainability was just the use of the three r’s reduce, reuse and recycle. I never really thought that there were other aspects of being sustainable and how impact it really has not only on the environment but on people lives as well. I thought that by simply recycling and not cutting on the light as much, and unplugging things when you leave home was a big part of being sustainable but now as class come to an end I see that it includes so much more. Sustainable to me is being mindful of resources around you knowing that they won’t be here forever, reducing the amount of consumption and production that causes harm to the environment. Sustainable designs never even crossed my mind before this course, at the beginning of class I thought that it was designs that were made using less harmful resources. When I purchase thing prior to class, I honestly didn’t really care about how that product, clothing item etc. was made or the negative effects it could have on the environment. But now that class is coming to an end I find myself being more mindful of labels I wear and how their products are produce. I am more curious about the journey my clothes have gone through to get where they are today. Sustainable design to me is the design of products that are made with objective of reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

During this course the most learning experience I had was doing at the beginning of the course when we did the carbon footprint habits test online. Seeing how much I contribute to amount of waste in the environment was eye-opening. I knew from that part on that this issue of sustainable practices is bigger than me but it can also start with me. As we got deeper into the course and seeing how companies just produce produce and produce with our being mindful of the impact it can have on the environment. We then started to learn about the things we can do to help this cause by purchasing less, recycling more, using less energy etc. I started to realize that I needed to take the concept of biomimicry into my own lifestyle. Mimicking earth natural process, the earth only produces and uses what it needs to survive. I want to take this same concept with me in life to only purchase things that I need and not just because I want it, it looks cute, or I might use it in the future. If we stop buying then companies stop making it, it starts with us. It’s not about what you do but how you do it, yes becoming sustainable will not happen over night, but when purchasing things it’s important to be mindful of the impact that it has on the environment and over consume things. Looking back at this course I realized that he 11th Hour movie that we watched in the beginning was a snapshot summing up the big idea of this course and what to expect. The movies stated that we need to retrain our thinking in order to create a better future for America. We have to treat nature much more gentle. Global warming effects everything we do on a daily basic and it can be very destructive and cause the world to end before its time. Everything that I have learned in this course stressed the importance of being consciously aware of impact that things have on the environment whether negative or positive. The things that I do everyday has the power to positively help the environment by just reducing some of my bad habits and living a more sustainable life.

In the future I would like to learn more about the integration of biophilic designs into retail stores. I find biophilic design to be very spiritual. It can help retail spaces to become more warming and environmentally friendly. By simple adding open lighting to retail space or more natural colors could really help retail on that transitions towards becoming more sustainable. I feel like this can help educate people about sustainability practices if they were to see some of their favorite retail store being more green then they would want to become more green as well.  Although, it may seem more like an interior designer job as a merchandising major I think that it is also our job to help. we can help with the floor layout by strategically placing apparel items to where it enhances the biophilic design of the store. I learned that people do feel a personal connection when around nature so it need to be bought to the place we visit most often, or at least the place I visit most often retail stores. The more people see more natural designs, the more they would want to live a sustainable lifestyle. I had no idea what this course had to offer prior to enrolling, I just expected to learn about what it means to become sustainable. I can say that truly learned more about suitability practices in the fashion industry in this course then I expected to.

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