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Final Blog Sustainability

            I believe that sustainability is conserving our natural resources and maintaining balance within our ecosystems. Sustainability has been incorporated into modern day design. Since our past form of design has caused a lot of damage to our environment, sustainability has become more of a prominent subject in our designing methods. I believe that sustainable design is creating something with the health of the environment in mind as well as making sure the product lasts for generations, so we can help reduce waste. Learning about sustainability and what it means was exactly what I was expecting. There is high levels of waste on our planet and it was interesting to learn about ways we can help get rid of waste. I was surprised at learning that people aren’t as educated as they should be on sustainable living practices. I think this class taught me that we are all capable of making a healthier earth, but we have a long way to go.

When I first signed up for this class I imagined that I’d be able to learn how to make the apparel industry more sustainable. The overall production of apparel, in general, is unsustainable and damaging to our environment. As a merchandising major I have a major part in making sure that companies are working with vendors that carry out sustainable practices. Throughout the entire semester I’ve gotten to learn about how we can make the apparel industry more sustainable and the benefits of using nature for inspiration. I hoped that this class would’ve put me in-sync with nature as well as learn to appreciate nature. This class has allowed me to look at nature as an asset, rather than a resource. From the beginning I was inspired from things such as, the 11th hour documentary. It allowed me to understand the state our planet is in, and we are on our last straw to change our ways. It showed me that we have taken advantage of our planet and natural resources. My sustainable journey has given me the opportunity to appreciate nature and its beauty. It also made me reflect on my daily life choices and habits. For example, why waste a large amount of water bottles, when I can fill up a reusable cup with tap water and ice. This journey has also allowed me to become an advocate for sustainability in my career field. I want to make a change in the fashion industry, because I’m part of the next generation that is responsible for making changes in the world. I want others to appreciate nature and put aside their own personal needs and wants to help create a healthier environment for generations to come.

Learning about biomimicry really intrigued me in getting to know what ways nature has been incorporated into the fashion industry. Biomimicry has inspired me to take care of nature and use it as an asset. Everything I have learned in this class is what I expected to gain more knowledge about. This class has taught me the importance of nature and the health of our planet. We have taken advantage of our environment for too long and we have put our needs and wants over the health of our planet. This class has allowed me to go on a journey to make more eco-friendly decisions as well as inform others in their part on keeping the earth healthy.

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