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What is sustainability to me? Sustainability means ultimately to take care of our world and make sure it keeps up for years and years to come. To be sustainable means not only to take care of our world but also to give back to it as well. Using natural resources is the way to go when being sustainable. Sustainable design is when you incorporate natural elements into physical objects, the build environment, and services to comply with the principles. The purpose of sustainable design is to eliminate harsh materials that hurt and damage our environment. In sustainable designs you will normally find renewable resources, impact on the environment minimally, and will connect people with the natural environment.

From the beginning of the semester to now I would say that my thoughts on sustainability have stayed pretty similar. In the retail industry we really have to take being sustainable into consideration. The clothes ending up in landfills is the second most damaging environment crisis there is. So we need to be proactive in my field to become more sustainable in our work, not only in our products but also in factories, store structures, and packaging.

This class has given me tons of recourses and tools to becoming more sustainable both in my own life and in my work area. I have learned that becoming sustainable really isn’t as hard as some might think. Learning about biophilic designs has encouraged me to start in my own home incorporating these designs. I have started to get more plants in my house and also have been leaving my windows open to give me a more stress free environment. I have seen improvements in my everyday life and hope to keep sharing these design tips with others.

This sustainable journey has been a fun and informational ride. I have learned so much in the past four months. The journey started out with me knowing some about sustainability but by the end I gained more knowledge and tools to become more sustainable. Some of the great tools and concepts that I gained through this course were Biomimicry, Biophilia, Empathic Design, and Design to Minimize Waste.

Knowing what I know from this course I hope to learn more in the future about how I can apply this to my career. I have a good understanding but I still think there could be more learning for me in this area. Everything we do does effect our environment is some way, so we need to do better on educating those that aren’t aware so we can start making at least small improvements to our environment.

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