From looking back at where I started to now in this class a lot has changed. One of those things I would say is the way I define sustainability. Coming into this class I defined sustainability as practices that’s would persevere the earth for generations to come. While I still agree that is true I have learned it is so much more. I have also learned that sustainable design exists. I now look at and define sustainability as actively being conscious of the effects we have on the environment and making sure that we are using our resources wisely. I look at sustainable design as a creative way of coming up with new ways to help save and prolong our environment. I have learned that sustainability is a very broad topic and so much more than I thought in the beginning. I learned that it can be applied to almost any work field including my own, and I was even able to experience sustainable design myself and in my learning community.

I learned a lot of things in this class, but some of the things that really stuck out to me and something I loved learning about was empathetic design, and the design slam activities. I also really enjoyed learning about the life principles. Empathetic design was something I grew to become very passionate about. We were able to apply what we learned about empathetic design in several lectures and activities, but what I learned from the most and continue to learn from is the final project for Mr. Vincent. This was an instance where we truly were able to hear from someone about what his struggles were and try to step into his shoes. What has been even more of a learning experience is being able to design something for him. Throughout this project we have truly been able to step in someone else shoes and learn the true meaning of what the purpose of empathetic design is. That is something I will carry with me long after this class is over. The other thing I really enjoyed was the design slams. This was a way to help us just brainstorm and come up with ideas as a group in a quick way. I found this very interesting to work in a group setting and to be able to bounce sustainable ideas around. This was a fun activity that really challenged me as a sustainable designer and taught me that brainstorming at a fast paced can be beneficial. The life principles were very interesting because this is something I can learn and apply to my everyday life and help others create these same habits.

Knowing what I know now from this class I want to learn more about how I can implement sustainability in my field. I know we talked a lot about clothing being recycled along mannequins, and packaging, but I want to create and come with other ways to do this. I also want to do more research on empathetic design with different individuals and really step into their shoes and figure out ways I can help them. I learned so much about subjects I didn’t even know existed, and through that I want to continue learning about them. This class was very eye opening to me and helped me grow a true passion for sustainability and sustainable design.

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