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  1. After this course and learning everything about sustainability and how to design with sustainability in mind, I would say I have a deeper knowledge about these topics. My personal definition for sustainability is making sure we are taking care of the earth and not using natural resources to an extent that could permanently damage the environment. Designing sustainably to me means designing with the earth in mind. My definitions of these concepts have not necessarily changed but now when I think of designing sustainably it is designing like the earth. For example, we learned about people who are designing houses out of bamboo or a company that makes shoes out of trash that is found in the ocean. These ideas are things that I would have never thought of prior to this course.


  1. I took away a lot of things from this class because I found a lot of the topics we discussed interesting. The first epiphany I took away was how much I personally effect the environment. The first few lectures we discussed in class were about our carbon footprint and learning how sustainable we are. That is when I noticed that I am not as sustainable as I thought. Now I always make sure I turn all the lights off in my room before I leave to go any where, I take shorter showers and I never use a plastic water bottle. I also have recently stopped using straws. Another epiphany was how much nature effects my mood. I love being outside, I have multiple plants in my room, I always drive with the windows down (weather allowing), and I love being at the ocean. I learned all of these things make me feel better because of biophilic design and connecting with nature. We also learned about how greenery in rooms and stores creates a more positive atmosphere, which explain a lot. Probably the biggest epiphany that I took away from this class is that the fashion industry is the number two industry that negatively effects the earth. It causes an excessive amount of clothing waste, pollution, water waste, electricity, and so much more. It really bugs me how much the fashion industry is hurting the earth because I am passionate about both fashion and nature. Throughout the course we have thought of ways and been presented ideas that could help reduce the impact that fashion has the environment, and after learning about them I will definitely be trying to help.


  1. Knowing what I now know, I would want to learn more about what I can do in the fashion industry to help with how much it negatively effects the earth. I just read an article online about how two beached whales were found to have car parts and tons of trash in their stomachs after they were studied. Although they were not effected by fashion, many animals are so I would love to figure out a way to help animals that are negatively effected by the fashion industry. I figure if I research different philanthropies and fashion companies I could find some answers on how to help animals while working through the fashion industry. In this course I expected to learn about nature and things like reduce, reuse and recycling but I did not expect to learned about biomimicry and all of the cool things that people have come up utilizing it. Now I am interested in learning about different products and designs that use biomimicry. For example, there is a new bathing suit that they designed based on a shark’s skin to help athletes swim better. I also really enjoyed this class and am way more self aware when it comes to how I, personally, am effect the environment.
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