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  1. I would define sustainability as finding a solution to an issue that solves it, lasts for years, and that isn’t negatively affecting the future. Sustainable design is finding sustainable solutions and putting forth new ideas to solve that problem. How I thought of sustainability in the beginning of this course is similiar to how I see it now. I knew that to be sustainable you must consider the future and how the solution will react to the upcoming years. Being sustainable also means finding resolutions that do not produce harmful/unethical aftermath.
  2. Things I will take away from this class is how to come up with creative solutions to problems quickly. A lot of projects or daily activities required the group to think spontaneous and broad. An important concept learned during this course is empathic design. I typically think of others and how things affect people. I believe empathic design is a timeless concept that promotes considerate products. Creating products that help a small group of people could actually be what the majority are looking for. Through this course, I have had to think about how everything affects something. There is sort of a rippling effect that happens with each action and reaction. Whether it be environmental or dealing with societies, everything effects something.
  3. What I would want to learn in the future is how some people are making changes in merchandising or fashion fields. You always hear about big companies causing harm, but you don’t typically hear of individual people making a good difference in the world. That’s why I enjoy the TED talks. Usually on the TED talks there is a person trying to make a significant difference in their lifetime. I would have liked to learned where are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly places of world are and see how they are striving toward a greener living.
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