Sustainability to me is thinking of alternative ways to do things that will improve or help the environment. Sustainability design is a concept that takes a problem that is affecting the environment or someone and coming up with a solution to the problem. Sustainability is all about preserving something and using alternative ways to come up with a solution. I feel that my perception on it is still the same as in the beginning of the course, I have just learned more ways sustainability can be used, for example sustainability isn’t just in the environment, it is in merchandising, interior design or clothing design.
During this semester we learned about biomimicry and what biomimicry means. Biomimicry is a designed to use nature to solve problems. The goal of biomimicry is to create products or processes for new ways of living through nature. There are four levels to biomimicry which are: Emulating nature’s structure and/or infrastructure, Biomimicry + biology (using biological processes to design), Biomimicry + synthetic biology* (reengineering with biological processes), Biomimicry + natural ecosystem: SYSTEM (industrial ecology). We also learned what industrial ecology means and it’s the study of material and energy flows through industrial systems. In another concept we learned about, waste=food, there are two metabolisms that play into the concept. The two metabolisms that go into it are biological and technological, biological are natural processes and technological is technical processes. We learned the recycling process which there are 10 steps to this process. We learned about different biophilic designs, nature in the space, natural analogues and nature of the space. Another concept we learned about is empathic design and how that can apply to almost anything. Empathic design is designing specifically for an individual in mind who may have some special need. It accommodating for consumers to make their lives easier. This was my favorite design concept I learned this semester because I personally have never thought about that and now that I know about it I’m aware.
Knowing what I know now I want to apply empathic design to my future with whatever I do. I like to help people and using empathic design would be a great way to do so. I am hoping more awareness is brought to empathic design because many companies don’t use it in their stores or clothing. Coming into this course I didn’t really know what to expect but I learned more than I expected to learn. There isn’t anything specifically that I didn’t learn that I was expecting to learn.

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