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The way I originally viewed sustainability, is different than how I understand sustainability now.  Sustainability is a way of curing the minds of people with less to any knowledge of the ozone and the corruption causing harm towards the planet. This is a way that we as the people figure out and solve the solution for the issues being not compositing items right or reusing items that are capable of being reused and not trashing them after one use. The profit viewing could hurt many companies that are not involving the updated system towards sustainability practices. The main resulting of sustainability is creating and making the creation function and remain relevant to the eyes of the people and be corporations. In the beginning of this course, I had no true understanding of sustainability besides recycling and making the world a better place. It’s more complicated and in depth than that in which I realized throughout the course. One of the most important things that stood out in class, would be the end of the class assignments.

Before we leave we had to come up with solutions to a problem given to us and use our knowledge based on our major’s background, and implement that into the solution. It was a “stay on your toes at all time “moment and remain focus throughout the course. I enjoyed the section of the biomimicry and the Design Slams which required a team effort and supportive ideas. The course made me evaluate a lot through the class sessions. The reasoning of that was based on the information provide through the professor and outside reading in which we would be randomly quizzed on. It also provided a way of memorizing the information and giving the knowledgeable feedback when requested by the professor during random questioning. I want to learn how I could add these ways of sustainability and applying them towards my future goals with opening my own clothing line and becoming fully sustainable. The TED talks have given a lot of insight on how some fashion moguls are creating solutions and ways in making that door wider for clothing and using only natural resources. I would’ve also like the biomimicry to increase in many ways throughout the big corporations and small corporations.

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