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After taking this course, I would define sustainability/sustainable design as a way of doing/creating in a way that is beneficial or does not harm the environment and also ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this wonderful earth and all of its resources. My definition from the first of the semester is slightly similar, “Sustainability to me is the relationship that one has with the environment, and bettering behaviors in order to extend the longevity of our great planet.” I understand now, however, how important it is to be sustainable in designing products, and how little changes can really make big impacts.

As stated previously, a big epiphany was how important sustainability is for design. It is so important also to be conscious of where the products we as consumers are buying and the companies we are supporting by doing so. At first I really thought that sustainable design was really just all about recycling excess materials and using eco-friendly resources such as wind power, solar power, etc. I know realize that while those topics are important in sustainability there is so much more to consider. Never before have I really thought of those who are making the product, much less thought about those who were perhaps growing the product and why exactly that is important. Sustainable design deals so much with every single aspect of the product from the very first concepts of the product/design all the way until it reaches the customer and how they use it (empathic design/c2c).

What I would like to learn more about in the future is more about sustainable companies, and also more about the companies who are not so sustainable and why. I would like to see fast fashion change, and although I really enjoy being able to buy a t-shirt for $7 at a place like H&M or Forever 21, after this class I feel so guilty about it. There really wasn’t much that we didn’t talk about in this class, and I feel as if I am leaving it knowing a great deal more about how to be more sustainable myself in my everyday life, and also in ways in which I can possibly incorporate it in my professional life.

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