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Sustainability, for me, has changed throughout the semester. When I was just starting out on this journey I thought the idea of sustainability had a simple meaning of to just recycle and reuse what you can when possible. But from what I have learned this semester is that sustainability is so much more complex than just recycling. Sustainability is thinking of others, designing new products, entrepreneurship, and thinking outside of the box. Sustainability is a web of many things that can help the world, big and small. I think that is what makes sustainability so great, it is not just recycling plastic it is getting in touch with our planet and what it has to offer. Whether it is people or plants, we are all living here and we need to learn to listen to the life that has sustained on its own for many years.


After being able to learn about all the different branches of sustainability, I have become more aware of the world and of my own actions. Learning of the difference principles has caused me to make decisions that have quite a bit to do with what we are learning in class whether it is consciously or subconsciously. With regarding to Biophilia I find myself buying plants for the house and just being outside more. The past few weeks I have been taking my dog on walks around Boomer Lake. We talk about how relaxing nature can be but very rarely do we find ourselves actually in nature, therefore I am trying my best to be outside more. I have always thought of myself as being an empathetic person, sometimes I am overly empathetic I feel. However, talking about it in class and taking to Mr. Vincent has opened my eyes even more especially with regards to older people. Sometimes I think we find ourselves getting frustrated with old people when they walk slow or drive slow, but eventually we all get old and I think we need to think about everything they go through and that they truly cannot help that their body hurts and they walk slow. There is always something we can do to get in touch with sustainability it does not have to be something difficult. I think that is what is so fascinating about it, personally, I am not someone who can make new clothes out of my old ones but I know that I can make a difference by recycling or helping an older person whenever I can.


If I could learn more about sustainability, I guess it would be where I could find resources to connect businesses. I would like to know all of the costs and what it would take to switch a company to sustainable ways. For me, I am going back to work for Dillard’s who unfortunately waste a lot of clothing and other products. I would love to propose a way they could recycle all the wasted product but I am not sure where to start. I know they will not donate it because they do not want their clothes sold for very little, which I understand, but I would love to know of companies that recycle products. Companies do not want to lose money or “waste” money and I would love to know how to open the companies’ eyes. As far as not learning what I expected to, I think I learned it all. I did not really know what to expect and I am pleased with all the information I learned. Sustainability is something I had no real previous knowledge of, and I feel that I know enough to pass on the information and to change my life style which I feel is the purpose of this class.



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