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In the beginning of this course I would have previously described sustainability as simply “going green”. However, I do know now that there is so much more to even that simple term going green as well as the umbrella of what sustainability really means. Sustainability is not just an action, it is a lifestyle. To be sustainable does not just mean you recycle a bottle every now and again, but you keep the world around you in mind in all decisions you make and practice your best to protect it. Living in a sustainable can also mean more than just actions. I feel that having nature and the world around you be a constant inspiration is also a big way to live out sustainability.

To be transparent, I never cared about sustainability before taking this class. Mostly because I genuinely had no idea how far gone our world has become in terms of global warming. I got my reality check very early on in the semester when we watched our 11th hour video. The video opened my eyes to the very real reality of what exactly global warming is and the depth of the damage its bringing to our planet. Once I left that class a very funny thing happened. As I was walking back to my house I saw the outside world around me in a new way. I say the grass and the trees and saw a beauty in them I never saw before. I had a deeper appreciation for the road I was walking on because a real person created it. I saw the things I overlooked everyday in a new way and honestly began to feel guilty that I had ever treated it with disrespect. This was one of the biggest epiphanies to me.

The concept that stuck with me the most from this semester is the concept of biophillia. This concept is used a foundation for design practices. Designers will seek things in nature as the stepping stones for design elements in modern products or technology. This idea was reiterated in Janine Benyus’s TED Talk. She talked about the train and tunnel architects who were inspired by the bird diving into the water to upgrade their design of the train making the loud booming sound when it went into the tunnel. They were able to use biophillia to help them better a design in modern trains.

I am hoping to later know more about sustainable practices that are being used in the fashion industry. Now knowing that the fashion industry is the second highest industry contributing to problems related to global  warming, I am very interested in seeing how this industry develops strategies to help solve this crisis. I am aware of a few technological advances on the matter and I am eager to see where the industry goes as far as making the sustainable changes they need to make for a better future.

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