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  1. At the beginning of the semester I honestly didn’t think much into what sustainability is I knew reduce reuse and recycle but that was about the exigent of it and I really didn’t even do that in my day to day life. My carbon footprint was extremely high mainly because of driving but I never thought about the impact on the environment. Now I understand it’s not only about not using so much plastic or recycling its about the entire process of doing our part to help make sure this earth we love is still around and working well for future generations. To me now its less about reusing something and more about finding sustainable alternatives. sustainable design to me is about designing while keeping in mind the impact it’ll have on the future environment.
  2. Coming to the realization that merchandisers actually can have a major impact on the sustainability aspects in the fashion world. It just kind of showed me different ways to be sustainable if I open up my mind to it. I think the moment that started happening for me was the first design slam. Having that short amount of time to come up with such innovative ideas that could impact was field was exhilarating and had me constantly thinking about things that could be done in the field and also playing around with creative thing I could do to help solve some of the problems in our field that still exist
  3. One thing I would love to learn more about or at least learn to do better is design or in my case merchandise with different people in mind whether it be the color blind, autistic etc.. I think empathic design is amazing and so many great things can happen when you step back and look at life through someone else’s eyes. I would love to look into the colorblind glasses technology a more and be able to make the mirror I talked about in Lola show to be able to give another group of people freedom to be able to shop on their own and be confident about their choices.
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