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When I first started this semester, I thought sustainability meant to renew something old to repurpose it into something new that wouldn’t hurt the environment. I found out also that it actually means, “Development which meets the needs of the present without prohibiting future generations to meet their own needs.” (Bruntland Report, 1987). In my own words now, I would say that sustainability is when you have the mindset of creating something that can contribute to something greater that is biophilic, empathic, etc.

We went and learned about recycling today. It was about the recycling that goes on at OSU. This taught me so much about recycling and how I can help the environment instead of hurting it. Over the semester I have learned so much. This class has really shaped my thoughts on how I want to live. I’m in the process of living a more sustainable life one day at a time. I’ve absolutely loved getting through this semester being so consumed in sustainable actions and thoughts. It was a great class that I would recommend to other DHM students if it were still being offered after this semester.

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