Final Blog: The end of the beginning

My definition of sustainability has changed a lot since I first started my sustainability journey. On day one of my journey my definition of sustainability was creating things that are made out materials that are made to last from generation to generation while at the same time will better the environment or give back to the environment. While that might be part of sustainability it is actually much more. Sustainability is not just about making things that will last a long time. I now know that sustainability and being sustainable could greatly impact the way we live and the planet we live on for the better. Sustainability is the change in behavior to take the time to reduce waste by recycle materials or reuse materials so that they don’t end up in a landfill that is destroying the ozone which protects us from other dangers beyond. We also need to conserve more energy and use more renewable energy such as wind and solar energy because it is a natural source of energy that will not harm the environment. I think that my new definition for sustainability is the actions we make to improve our environment by changing our behavior to create a better environment for ourselves and for the future generations to come. I think the most important thing I will take away from this class is how I can spread the word about sustainability through day to day life as well as through interior design because of all the in class activities that really make you think of all the different opportunities we as designers have to educate our clients about sustainable alternatives and making them a reality in our designs. This class like I said really gets you thinking about all the possibilities there are to make something more sustainable. Another thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future career is the use of empathic design and really getting to understand my clients wants, needs, and wish for a design creating it in a sustainable way. I think it is a good learning experience for both the client and the designer to connect on that personal level and in a way creating something together just like we are doing for Mr. Vincent. This class has taught me a great deal about what sustainability really is and how I and use it today and in the future. Somethings that I would like to learn more about in the future that we discussed in class would be more on deforestation and how that is affecting the people as well as the wildlife in the areas where there is a large amount of trees being destroyed and cradle to cradle systems. When I am either working for a company or possibly starting my own company I will want to make sure that a closed loop system is in place. I don’t think people realize just how much waste there really is in the world. I know I didn’t before this class and I want to be a part of the sustainability movement by reusing materials and recycling things that wouldn’t be reusable and to make connections with other people that want to do the same. In conclusion this class has really opened my eyes to just how much we need to change to make a more sustainable and more healthy environment for the future and I can’t wait to one day really make a change in the sustainability movement.

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