Final Epiphany Blog!

I would define sustainability as being knowledgeable about the effects one’s actions can have on the environment and being conscious of that by taking action. Sustainable design can be defined as creating or designing things with the end use/ life time cycle in mind. In other words, it is vital to design something that has the potential to be broken down and used into something else, eliminating waste. When looking at blog 1 and reflecting on what I wrote above, I can see that how I defined sustainability was also sustainable design wrapped into one. I think after the first week I further understood the definition of sustainability but as the class went on, I now understand the depth and aspects that go into implementing a sustainable lifestyle in both my personal and professional life.

Going into this class I was closed off to the idea of sustainability and how I categorized it with go green. What I came to find out and learn through my sustainable journey was that sustainability in and of itself is complex, intriguing, and important. I can’t sit here and tell you exactly some of the terms used in sustainability and what they mean but there are so many concepts, applications, and takeaways that have now changed my thought process in life.

Personally, I have found myself thinking about certain things throughout the day like reserving energy (which has been the most implemented). I never leave the bathroom, bedroom, or any kitchen appliances left on or plugged in. I think about making wiser choices in the little things like bringing my old plastic or paper bags to sprouts not only for a discount but also to save on plastic bag waste. I started doing this after my learning community did our design slam over the topic of plastic bags.

As for sustainability in my career I am now aware of biophilic design especially in stores and its calming factor it has on peoples shopping experience. I have learned a lot about changing my mindset when it comes to design. There has been a lot of epiphany moments where I have loved learning and understanding how to design with a sustainability mindset. One of my favorite things to learn about was empathic design and how to really put myself in the consumer’s shoes in order to create something useful, innovative, but sustainably produced.

Knowing what I know now, I would love to learn more about how I can start making a paradigm shift with small, easy, logical steps. I think it would be beneficial to implement small daily exercises that have the potential to produce a habit and make a large change (statistics could be provided such as: if you were to only use reusable water bottles, the impact it would have on the environment on a larger scale etc.). I didn’t expect to learn anything more in the class then what was covered but I think it would have been fun and beneficial to learn about DIY (do it yourself) designs that we can create in our everyday lives to live a more sustainably.

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