Final: My Sustainable Journal

As of today I still define sustainability as an ability to substantiate a statement by maintaining it or support an activity by processing over the long term. For sustainable design I define it by the intention to reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental impacts through thoughtful designs. However, this is different from how I conceptualized these concepts at the beginning of the course. Somewhat relative but the different was that I didn’t know or knew that we can use sustainability as to measures income as a flow of goods and services that an economy can generate indefinitely without reducing its natural productive capacity. Also I haven’t thought of it as to incorporate environmentally-preferable outcomes that applies to different sustainable designs such as lower energy and water consumption through the entire life cycle from manufacture to daily use to disposal.

The most pronounced epiphanies to me was Biophilia design and Empathic design. The most learning outcomes I have during this course is by going out there and explore more about what’s happening to the world. Such as Biophilia, when looking at a certain nature is there a way to imitate it into a designs. For example when looking at a full speed bird it can be design as a biophilia by creating a full speed train like the bird. Also when looking at bee hives, it can be design as a honey comb pads like bee hives. The most important things I will take away is empathic design. Empathic design to me is a significant quality in the process of product development that helps designers to meet customer needs. For example is by designing clothes for the older people. To be able to create a certain clothes for elders is by looking at their lifestyle, health problems, environment, and many more. If that person has trouble buttoning and tying shoes then I would design an empathic design by putting Velcro as the buttons and slip on for shoe. By using Velcro as buttons it would make his life easier and slip on shoe without tying shoes. All of these journeys take me to a different path in life by getting more information from others, readings, and other activities in class into a positive way in the future.

Know what I know now was that this sustainable journey of mine is still continuing in which I still want to learn more about so that I could use it in real life situations in the near future. What I know now is still not enough information to me because there’s still many new things that I haven’t learn from the whole world which I would love to travel around the globe to find what I’m looking for. Getting more information to me is like knowing what the world is doing such as environmental change in human nor nature. However, there isn’t something that I expected to learn in the course that I did not since I’ve learnt enough from this course. I’m still not going to give up yet because my sustainable journey has just began which is not going to stop me by becoming successful in life.

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