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Sustainability to me, after the course, is having every part of how the world can get better in mind when you do something as a person or with your company. This can be done in different ways but the most important to me are now recycling, reusing, or anything that betters the quality of life for both humans and the earth together. Sustainable design though is having sustainability, as stated above, in mind when you are trying to design something for a client. This can be done with ideas and theories such as empathic design and biophilic design. I feel that sustainable design is designing something for somebody with natures well being, and the persons well being as a main priority. I had the thought, before this class, that sustainability was just about bettering the environment and thinking “going green” was the answer. But as the class progressed, I realized that it is so much more meaningful.

I had a very big “AH HA” moment with two different aspects of the class. But at the beginning of the class, I thought all we were going to be doing is learning just how to do things to better the environment. As this was true, it wasn’t the “big picture” of what the class was really about. I learned that there are so many different ways to be sustainable but the two that stood out to me the most were Biophilic design and Empathic design. I really love how you can incorporate nature into something you build or design and that is a broad way to explain what biophilic design is. I really love being able to feel a sense of closeness to nature when I can not be outdoors. When I am at work, I always look out the window just to have that connection with nature even if it is for a moment where I can see the sun, clouds, or even storms. But more importantly I really love being able to know that just putting a plant inside is a part of biophilic design or even just designing a piece of furniture or painting a wall to look like it came from nature itself. I will definitely take this with me in the future in my career along with empathic design. Empathic design stood out to me the most. When I think about where I want to be in my career, I want to be able to create a store design that can help many people in different ways. I really enjoyed this part of the course because of my always wanting to help people in any way I can. I always knew that there was a way to design something FOR someone but I did not know that there was a whole theory on this idea. When we started empathic design, I thought to myself that this was going to only be fore handicapped and older individuals. When we did our in-class project over the subject, my heart fluttered with joy because I got to design something for someone. Even though they were imaginary, I thought about my dad and how he is going through almost the same thing as our “client” with a bunch of family stuff coming up were he can not do much to help because of work. When we created the desk, I thought to myself that that is something my dad could benefit from even though it was originally meant for a fictional client. I really enjoyed learning about this because I hold it so dear to my heart.

As much as I feel like we really learned a lot about it, because I feel like I have a growing passion for it, I really want to dig a little deeper in empathic design. I want to dig into how I can use this with merchandising, or even if I do not become a merchandiser, how I can use it in the future to be able to make at least one person, or group of people’s lives easier. I also would like to dig into how I could incorporate this into the mannequin I am trying to design. I am putting it on hold until I can do more research to be able to figure this out.  I want to grow my excitement about empathic design and maybe turn it into a passion in the near future.


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