Bean Bag Chair Thinking

First walking into the class, there was a sea of colorful bean bag chairs for us students to sit in. As a person who cares probably way too much about the comfort of my chairs, I was incredibly excited to see the classroom was made up of bean bag chairs for students to sit in instead of stiff chairs, although it did puzzle me on what was the reason for bean bag chairs. After my first week in this class, I now see these bean bag chairs as a representation of a creative area where I sit and sincerely think of the problems our society is facing, which in all honesty has never been a part of thinking processes, as well as disconnect from the structure of a normal classroom in order to critically think about innovative solutions for these problems we are discussing.

While watching the 11th hour, there was a major trend throughout the movie that stuck out to me, and that was the fact that humans have an innate thinking that we are superior to all nature. If you really think about it, nature has been around a lot longer than us and as many of us say, we should treat our elders with respect and destruction does not seem like respect to me. For me, I don’t think I am superior to nature but I do put up a wall when it comes to the major problems because I have always been aware of what’s going on but I always shaded it with excuses like I am too busy to create special time for bettering the environment or that what I do isn’t going to affect anything because I am just one person. But, when I left class after learning about all of the problems listed in the movie such as climate change, deforestation, air pollution, and water pollution, I felt like that wall I had built up started to crumble because I was finally listening to the consequences. I also noticed myself starting conversations with my friends about the horrible things we are doing to our planet and I even started noticing the things I am doing to the planet to ruin it. The trust is, I am still not perfect and I still litter. But I am beginning to change that part of me slowly and when I was walking out of a restaurant with a piece of plastic in my hand this week, I stopped right before I was going to throw it down and took it to my car to be thrown away properly.

The other major theme of this week which interested me was the idea of collapse. The reading about Easter Island really made the possibility of our collapse a reality in my mind because even though they are from a different time frame, they had the same thoughts as we do now about being superior and invincible. Not only that, but their main resource which was wood became their downfall. This put the resources I am using into perspective because they can be the very thing that destroys me. For example, I am a major water person. I use water for everything such as cooking, making tea and coffee, drinking it all day, and cleaning myself. But if I keep contributing to water pollution by littering then it will be my fault for the destruction of the resource I use the most and I need to live.

 My important discovery this week was that even though I did not have the thought that I am superior, but I am just as guilty because I just turned my head from the things causing destruction. Now that I can see a possibility of collapse and a harder future coming soon, I am ready to start learning more and more about the problems and discussing in more depth the solutions to these problems with my classmates. I want to be able to start taking my bean bag chair thoughts outside of the classroom and start applying it outside to start bettering the society in which I live.

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