A Sudden Appreciation

There is no doubt that I had my reserves about taking a class that I knew nothing about (especially because geology is not my strong suit), but isn’t that what college is all about? Not being afraid to dive in and learn something new? Walking into class last Monday I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but I was instantly relieved when I saw about thirty bean bag chairs. Thinking to myself, I thought; if I’m going to be coming to an 8am class every Tuesday and Thursday for eight weeks, at least I can get comfortable. I can definitely say I have learned a lot and it’s only been a week. Not only have I learned to get to class a little early to have the first pick on the fuzzy bean bag chairs, but more importantly I’ve learned how problematic our world really is. If I’m being completely honest, so far this class has stressed me out, but not in a bad way (if that even makes any sense). When I get stressed about something, that’s all I can think about and truthfully it inspires me to consider ways I could contribute to a better outcome. With that said, I can already tell that this class is going to be good for me because it has already given me a more profound appreciation for the earth and all of it’s flaws and beauty. A lot of times we forget to be appreciative of the things that we have because we are so used to having them. As humans, we tend to only think about the present in that aspect, and not so much about the future consequences.

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