Curiosity in the Bean Bag

Class has only been in session for a week, and with the wicked problems class I have spoken out loud more than I have in my entire college career. Not because I have nothing to say, but for the small fact that I’m mainly uninterested in the certain topic. However with this class I get to hear other people’s beliefs which i enjoy, despite them not being exactly the same as my own beliefs. I find it intriguing to sit back and listen to how other people interpret certain readings, such as the one we read for class, Lessons of Easter Island.
When we were asked to separate into groups that associated with the same color of bean bag we were sitting in I was nervous to be with people I was unfamiliar with. As we were asked to discuss certain questions with each other I quickly realized we all had wrote down pretty much the same responses. Expect we all had at least one thing different that we had missed and began to elaborate on all of our answers. We were asked a pretty big question involving the possible reason that caused these people to fail. My answer was that they were unable to create a system that allowed them to find balance with the environment they were around. As I thought about it in class though I made a point to my group saying that we aren’t so different from these people. I stated we don’t really have a permanent solution to what we are doing either. Everything we are doing such as cutting down the trees, using fossil fuels, etc, is not much different from them, except we are aware of what we are doing. We have more knowledge then the people before us. So how much longer before we are no longer here?
The reading talked about how they could walk around the whole island in a day or so and were able to see for themselves what was happening to the forest around them. I thought about this as to why they saw what was happening yet ignored it and continued to proceed with their actions. But isn’t that what we still do to this very day? We are warned and clearly exposed to what is going on around us and continue to ignore it. And for what reason? Denial? Fear of knowing? It seems we are stuck in a past mindset and aren’t willing to step up and make a difference.
What really had me thinking in class though was if something is a wicked problem, and there is no solution, what do we do? How do we create a solution if that is only going to create a greater problem? What is the point of stressing over something we will never be able to fix?
Is it true that we should let nature take its course? Will god create more recourses for us in the future? So many questions that will most likely go unanswered. As for me this is a whole new beginning of learning, which I’m curious to see what I will learn about others, as well as myself.

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