new perspectives

Over the summer I changed my major from Elementary Education to Merchandising. As the fall 2017 semester started, I had no idea what any of my DHM classes would be like. On Tuesday morning, I woke up and was at school just in time for Wicked Problems. I had no clue what to expect as I was walking into HSCI 208, but I tried being open minded. When I got to the room I looked through the glass doors and saw that there were not any desk and chairs, but instead there were plush colorful beanie bags. My first thought was “uh am I even in the right room? What the heck is Wicked Problems?” Confused and curious I went ahead and walked in and sat down on a soft bright blue beanie bag. From that moment on I was very intrigued to know what the reason for having beanie bags instead of desk was, and how it would fit into what wicked problems were.

On our first day of Wicked Problems, we watched a movie called The 11th Hour. This movie was different than any others that I have watched in a class before. The 11th Hour talks about wicked problems that we have faced in the past/present, and what the outcome will be if we don’t modify some of the things we are doing. Some of the key ecological/environmental issues from the movie are climate change, fossil fuels, and how we’ve taken too much out of the ocean and are putting back in too much pollution.  One of the main points in the movie that stuck out to me was that humans don’t think that they are connected to nature. This point stuck out to me because, I for sure don’t think about how small tasks that I do are effecting our environment, so I know others around me don’t either. I don’t think that we think enough about how our actions will affect the planet in the future. After watching the movie, I began to think about and notice the wicked problems we face in our day to day lives and how I am a part of them.

The second day of class this week, we learned a little history of Easter Island. Before reading the story about the island, all I knew was that the island had huge statues of faces all over it. After reading the story, I was amazed by some of the history of the island. I didn’t know that the island was volcanic at one point, and that the only water source for the people was lakes at the bottoms of the volcanoes. I was amazed as to how the social and cultural impacts affected deforestation way back then. I was also shocked that the population turned to cannibalism as the amount of protein fell. That fact really grossed me out, because eww I don’t know how people could do that.

So far in Wicked Problems this week, I have learned many things. First, how to listen and care about other’s beliefs on certain situations. Second, that I won’t always agree with everything that people say. Finally, that I need to be more open minded throughout the course of this class, and that I will have to come out of my comfort zone a little and participate in class discussions.

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