New Views

Walking into this class I honestly had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t really imagine what wicked problems would be about. Walking in on the first day and learning it was about the environmental issues kind of like AP Environmental Science as I took in high school was kind of a relief. A lot of at least what we talked about was a review for me the first week of class which was comforting knowing that I would be somewhat familiar with one of my classes. I was excited this year going into sophomore year that I would be taking more major related classes.

Discussing in class the problems that the world has going on really opened up my eyes. It showed me that there is so many more problems going on that I was ever aware about. Personally still even after watching the video I don’t believe in global warming; however I do believe in climate change. I think that the video showed me more specifically what all humans impact in our everyday lives the way we live. I really never thought of it that way of me just living my every day and how much I impact the environment with simple stuff such as not always recycling, long showers and using up resources.

Hearing other peoples opinions opened me up to more mindsets and is helping me to be more open minded about others opinions than I have been in the past which is the biggest thing i’ve gotten out of class this week. I feel as if i’m more laid back about things and some people are so passionate about their feelings toward environmental issues which I think is so awesome. It’s really helping me step out of my shell to speak up in class and be that passionate about something.

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