Realization of problems on Earth

Walking into this class Tuesday afternoon was not what I expected. But in a good way. I really liked the environment this week and how the class is handled. The main thing we talked about this week I believe would be different environmental problems. A lot of the things the movie talked about I of course have heard of before but I think it’s important to shed a light on those issues more often than not. It’s hard watching the 11th hour to me because even though I do care about the earth and the environment where we live it hard to see that I have been doing so many things that I knew I shouldn’t have and still did anyway. It also was a huge thing to see how we have just been going downhill. All these years we put things into our Earth that is so harmful and is hurting us as well. The things we do could cause our life to shorten. Whenever I would be around friends or family and see them littering for example I would think to myself that yes I knew that this is harmful but what is this one person doing it going to really do? But after watching that movie it is so clear to me that it starts with one person. You may think it’s just one person doing something harmful but that’s what so many others think. This is a chain reaction that is ruining the only home we have. Even if we all come together and try to fix the problems we already have its possible that the damage is already done and that there won’t be anything we can do to truly fix it.

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