Should I Be Having Kids?

I honest to god had no idea what a wicked problem was and I still am not sure of how it directly correlates with fashion merchandising but I am pretty fascinated by what the course has presented so far. I HATE THE BEAN BAG CHAIRS, yes I admit it, I have back problems and I require a sturdy surface to write, I may even invest in a clipboard just for these four weeks. But with that being said, I really enjoyed 11 Hours with Leonardo “narrating” how we’ve basically damaged the Earth to a point of no return. Wicked problems, to me, are problems that go without solution but despite being presented with information on just how bad things are getting in our ecosystem, I think we can somehow reserve time and start sustainability projects in order to increase our time that we share with this planet. This can now lead into a further explanation of my somewhat vague title, I say this because I hear of the desperate measures being employed then disregarded when it comes to overpopulation in other countries. I had time to kind of ponder if I should be making a dent in the U.S. population or considering adoption from countries that suffer with overpopulation. I think it is easy for us to assume, as humans, that we are the superior species and that this Earth was placed here for us. Which I do believe that but we’re not the only ones and we won’t be the only ones, Earth can sustain millions of other bacterias, plants and animals and humans time here won’t end anytime soon but will eventually dwindle. It’s hard to look out for future generations because simply put, it’s hard to see out of our realm of existence. We exhaust every resource available to give us the highest quality of life possible while we do have this short time to walk this planet because we all do know there is an inevitable and that inevitable is death. I strongly believe in climate change, I strongly believe we’ve polluted every aspect of Earth with our high demands and product consumption and I strongly believe that we are slowly killing off our own species. Easter Island is not only a spooky story but also a reminder, look what got them there and look where we are heading… not much differences. So really, should I be having kids?


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