Small Humans, Big Problems

On Tuesday, August 22 at 8:00 a.m., when I walked into a class called Wicked Problem Solving, I had no idea what to expect. I looked around and saw bean bag chairs and this made me think that this was going to be a fun and free thinking environment, and boy was I right. Even though the class has “problem-solving” in the name, I learned this week that these problems are not like any other, for example in math when I solve a problem there is always one specific answer. There is no specific way to fix or change a wicked problem. The people of the world are only out there thinking of themselves most of the time. For example, I did not grow up thinking about my effects on the environment. Even now when I am 19 years old I still have friends that throw trash out of their cars and do not think twice about it and how it is polluting our Earth. So, who looks out for the world itself, as we humans cause climate change and do not do a thing about it? Hearing this in the movie, The 11th Hour (an amazing movie by the way) and how the results of what I and everyone around me do to the world. It really tears me apart inside. I had no clue that we use more natural resources faster than we have them available to us. It is unbelievable. We are killing our world and many are not doing a thing about it. Humans are thoughtless because all we do is care about ourselves and not what we are doing to the planet we live on. The planet that supports us and our future generations… if the earth lasts that long. There is not one person or thing in this world that can do the things that the earth can do for us as a human race. Why do we have rights as humans but the earth doesn’t have ANY rights? There should be a balance between the two. Many human minds like many people we know have a “disorder” but not the kind you are probably thinking. This disorder consists of the fact that many humans think they are deemed better than or different than nature and its creatures. Although many people and scientists around the world warn us about what we are doing to the Earth we continue to ignore the warnings. Even if we all change our habits one small step at a time, are we already too late to make a major change to the Earth?

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